D5 Body Camera Live Streaming



Our D5 body camera has the ability to stream near real time video from the camera to DEMS 360.  The video is streamed from the body camera over a WIFI network or mobile hotspot to a dedicated streaming server. Camera streams can then be selected for viewing in DEMS 360

To give our customers choice and flexibility we are offering 3 deployment options regarding DEMS 360 and the streaming server.



DEMS 360 Cloud + Reveal Cloud Streaming Server



DEMS 360 Enterprise + Reveal Cloud Streaming Server



DEMS 360 Enterprise + Own on Premises Streaming Server



Pricing is comprised of the following elements:

  • Annual Camera Streaming Subscription or Licenses
  • Bandwidth (incurred when a stream is viewed)
  • Annual Infrastructure Cost
  • One off Installation fee

Technical Information

Streaming Resolution: 480p
Video Bit Rate: 600kbps
Audio: 64kps

Recording and Streaming can be activated independently from each other.


Streaming is secured using SSL between the Camera and the Streaming and DEMS 360 Servers.

A separate server is required to run:

a) streaming and

b) DEMS 360

Streaming Server Minimum Spec

Operating System: Windows 10
Memory: 8G RAM
Hard Drive: 128GB
Network: 1Gb Ethernet port

Streaming is dependent on mobile network or Wi-Fi signal tethered to the camera You may experience a delay of between 5 to 30 seconds All product, product specifications and data are subject to change without notice to improve reliability, function or design or otherwise.