Body cameras protect key workers from violence and aggression in tense situations

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Protecting Key Workers

With our D-Series and Calla body cameras

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Local Government
Fire & Rescue
Prison Services

The UK's Leading Body Cameras and Evidence Management Solutions

Award-winning smart, efficient and secure body-worn video camera systems that transform the jobs of frontline workers and police officers.

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  • D-Series Body Camera


    Same philosophy. Host of new features.

    • 12 hour battery
    • Live stream
    • Bluetooth triggers
    • GPS aware
    • Haptics
    • 64gb memory
    • Ultra low light
    • Encryption
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    DEMS 360


    Simply manage all your digital evidence. Anywhere.

    • All media types
    • Hosted anywhere
    • On any device
    • Access everywhere
    • Case support
    • Automated redaction
    • Secure sharing
    • In field annotation
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