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Reveal has been making award winning, smart, efficient and secure body worn video systems for over a decade. With customers in more than 40 countries, our commitment has been to lead the way through collaboration and innovation.

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Award winning philosophy

Unbreakable Security

Reveal was the first manufacturer to introduce AES encryption in a body camera, so security has been at the heart of our products for a long time.

Front Facing Screen

This signature Reveal feature has a proven calming effect on people being recorded and maximises transparency with the public. When appropriate, the screen can also be used to view video back in the field, without needing a smart phone or a PC.

Articulated camera head

Being able to direct the head allows the camera to be worn in various places on people of all shapes and sizes, or head mounted on a helmet or cap. The camera can also be used in vehicle, as an interview recorder or a handheld camera.

One touch record

Having a single, quick and simple action to turn the camera on has always been an essential feature in our body cameras. Our intuitive red sliding switch is a positive action that confirms activation by the physical position change on the camera and is easy to operate for officers on the go. 

Award-Winning Design

Reveal has always put design at the forefront of our product philosophy. We understand that users want to feel an affinity with what they wear and the equipment they use. Really good design takes time and meticulous attention to every detail. Not only are our cameras supremely easy to use, they are also designed to be products that users are proud to wear. As a result, our body cameras have been successfully adopted by range of industries and sectors including police, retail security, fire and rescue, transport, entertainment, parking enforcement, healthcare and sport (particularly football ground security).

D Series
D Series
D Series

Built for the future

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Introducing the D7 Body Camera

  • Full connectivity that's built into the camera.
  • The D7 contains built in 3G/4G live streaming capabilities, meaning you’re no longer tied to a smartphone.
  • The built in GPS captures coordinates in the metadata of every file, bringing essential information into the frame.
  • It includes all the great features in our D-Series range.
D Series

Live Streaming

High quality video can now be seen live anywhere in the world allowing real-time situational awareness and decision making. This ability has the potential to completely transform certain incident handling and outcomes, giving our customers a totally new tool to enhance their effectiveness.The D5 has the ability to stream in real time from the camera through a WIFI network or via a mobile device connected to a cellular network. 

D Series

GPS Aware

The D7 has built in GPS capturing coordinates in the video metadata bringing important positioning information into the frame. The D5 and D5T are GPS Aware when paired with a smartphone during recording.

Bluetooth Triggers

Bluetooth triggers allow the D5, D5T and D7 camera to be activated remotely via a beacon, freeing the user from manually turning the camera on. For example, the camera can be triggered to start recording automatically when the officer wearing the camera leaves his vehicle.

D Series

Ultra Low Light

The D-Series have been designed to optimise low light performance to a new level using state of the art technology that far exceeds any other body camera on the market.

12 hour record time

We have used the very latest camera technology and power management techniques, working closely with the chipset manufacturers, to optimise the electronics for a 12 hour battery life.*

*12 hour battery – footage recorded at 720p, with screen on.

*15 hour battery – footage recorded at 480p, with screen off.

* excludes GPS, WiFi, 3G/4G.

D Series

64GB memory

The D5 has a capacity of 64GB which can store over 20 hours of 1080p HD video, or over 68 hours of 480p. Whatever recording resolution is being used, the user can be confident in the available memory on the camera.

Ruggedised Casing

We have designed the D-Series for daily life on the front line. We've made hundreds of adjustments during the design process to increase the strength and durability of the D-Series. As well as reinforcing the internal structure, we've added extra toughness by creating rubberised armour using a two stage moulding process. This not only provides extra hand-grip, it greatly enhances the ability of the D-Series to shrug off knocks and drops. We've also added a waterproof USB port and toughened screen protection making the D-Series incredibly durable.

D Series

Model Variations

To give our customers choice of features and budgets we have designed four cameras, the D7 with full connectivity and built in GPS, the D5 and D5T with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and the D3 without.


D5T Body Camera

Tactical addition to the D-Series

The D5T features an extended camera cable which allows increased mounting flexibility. The camera head can be mounted in a variety of different ways, including chest, shoulder, helmet and cap, on either side simply by repositioning the Klick Fast stud on any of its four faces.

D Series
D Series

To give our customers choice of features and budgets we have designed four cameras, the D7 with full connectivity and built in GPS, the D5 and D5T with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and the D3 without.

Model Variations D3 D5 D5T D7
Memory 32GB 64GB 64GB 64GB
Ruggedised Casing Placeholder icon Placeholder icon Placeholder icon Placeholder icon
12 hour battery Placeholder icon Placeholder icon Placeholder icon Placeholder icon
Ultra low light Placeholder icon Placeholder icon Placeholder icon Placeholder icon
AES-256 encryption Placeholder icon Placeholder icon Placeholder icon Placeholder icon
Live streaming WiFi Placeholder icon Placeholder icon Placeholder icon
Bluetooth triggers Placeholder icon Placeholder icon Placeholder icon
GPS aware Placeholder icon Placeholder icon Placeholder icon
Onboard GPS Placeholder icon
3G/4G Connectivity Placeholder icon
Live streaming 3G/4G Placeholder icon
Extended camera cable Placeholder icon
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Award-winning smart, efficient and secure body worn video systems that transform the jobs of frontline workers and police officers.

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D Series

Dock and go

Simply dock your camera and DEMS 360 will do the rest. The forward facing screen displays the booked out and uploading status of the camera so you can always see when it's good to go.

Additional specifications


Video: MP4 H.264 Encoding Audio: AAC (Audio optional)

Recording Resolution

1080p, 720p, 480p

Recording Rate

25 or 30 frames per second

Video Encoding

H.264 (multiple rates)


2” color LCD


Lithium Ion Polymer (3940mAh)


USB (BC 1.2)

On Screen Display

Time, date, resolution, frame rate, microphone mute indicator, recording indicator, ongoing recording length, memory available (GB), battery level (%), evidential recording indicator, WiFi Indicator, Bluetooth Indicator, 3G/4G indicator and Location indicator (depending on model).




305º horizontal, 173.5º vertical



Temperature Range

-10°C to 45°C


Audio and Haptics (power on/off, record start/stop, recording reminder, mark/unmark as evidential, picture taken, low battery and low memory)

Wide Field of View

110º horizontal, 50° vertical (D3, D5, D5T)
90°-120º horizontal, 50°-60° vertical (D7*) *configurable

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A variety of mounting options

For a range of user environments, uniforms, body types or personal preference; our choice of mounting options for the D-Series includes Klickfast stud, shirt clip, pocket clip, shoulder mounts, harnesses and car mounts.

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D Series
  • "What an awesome piece of kit, easy to use and some of the IT shy officers are saying how simple it is."

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D-Series body camera. Volume discounts are available - contact us for details.

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