The D6 has built-in GPS, Bluetooth connectivity and live streaming. This allows videos to record with coordinates and stream data back to the command centre instantly. GPS pinpoints a users' location, which proves beneficial for operational awareness and management. Like other cameras in the D-Series, it features high-quality video, long battery life, ruggedised casing and easy-to-use functionality.

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Ruggedised Casing
14 hour battery
Ultra Low Light
AES-256 encryption
Live streaming WiFi
Bluetooth triggers
Onboard GPS
Live streaming 3G/4G
Extended Camera Lens
AI Enabled

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Reveal has always put design at the forefront of our product philosophy. Not only are our cameras straightforward to use, but they are also designed to be products that users are proud to wear. As a result, our body cameras have been successfully adopted by a range of industries and sectors.

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