10 years of collaboration and innovation has brought us to a body camera that is best in its class across video quality, battery life and ease of use.

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DEMS 360

DEMS 360

DEMS 360 is our most advanced digital evidence management solution that allows you to manage all digital evidence files. Available on cloud or on premises.


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Every organisation has its own way of doing things, and new technologies shouldn't force you to work a certain way. Whether it's how you want to access video, store data or manage every detail of how it's used: DEMS 4 lets you personalise evidence management to your organisation.

Evidence management, personalised.

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RS2-X2 body camera


Award winning design.
Even better inside.

  • Articulated, rotating head - record on body, in car, in interview
  • Front-facing screen - proven to make a positive difference
  • Easy operation - one button, one thumb, one action

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