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We are the most experienced body worn video provider in the world.

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For almost 10 years, we have designed and built world-leading body worn video systems - always in close partnership with the frontline workers who use them.

We are the market leader in the UK, which is leading the world in adopting body worn video. Our systems are used by the majority of UK police forces, as well as in prisons, local government and private security.

We currently supply and support cameras and software to clients in 40+ countries. Our international activities are growing rapidly. We have offices in the UK, USA and Hong Kong.

Our approach is to work closely with customers to make sure they have the best possible experience with body worn video. We pride ourselves on building long-term, effective partnerships.

Reveal win ADS security innovation award

Pioneering body cameras in schools

It’s not just law enforcement who face situations where body cameras can make a difference. And this is why we’re bringing Calla to the market.

Calla is a small, secure body camera with a front facing screen and cloud based video management software service.

Visit www.calla.co to learn more, or click here to view our press release.


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