RVL MT159 Crocodile Clip 2024 2
RVL MT159 Crocodile Clip 2024 2

Crocodile Clip

The crocodile clip is a smart and effective way to mount the camera easily to any uniform or with via a Lanyard (RVL-MT212 or RVL-MT213). The crocodile clip attaches directly to the back of D-Series and K-Series cameras, and connects to the back of the KS-Series Klick Fast/Crocodile Case (as an alternative to the Klick Fast stud).

  • Designed to be held securely but comfortably on a uniform.
  • Clip rotates in 90 degree increments - thereby supporting male/female shirts
  • Compatible with lanyards (RVL-MT212 and RVL-MT213)


65mm x 30mm x 20mm