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How Footasylum Transformed Security and Efficiency with Reveal Body Cameras

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How Footasylum Transformed Security and Efficiency with Reveal Body Cameras

Retailer Footasylum move very desirable – and expensive – products around the country from their two depots, through which as many as 1,200 people pass through every day.

Their 22-person security team first used a Reveal camera in 2021 as a support tool for protection and evidence capture. Now their fleet of lorry drivers also use them as a means to both deter and record incidents of stock loss, meaning there are currently 45 cameras in circulation across their staff.

Supply Chain Profit Protection Manager, Christian Shelmerdine explains why he chose Reveal and why they continue to deliver on the relationship:

“I'm an analyst by trade, so naturally I like to do thorough research. Reveal were clearly engaged in learning about our business and building a relationship. Other providers wanted to push us their “best” and most expensive kit, but Reveal actively worked with us to make sure we had the right model and the right system for our needs.

They came in, invested in spending time with us to understand our operation. Instead of me being the sole project manager I felt like I had a partner, and that really stood out for me personally.”

Footasylum have their cameras turned on more than most Reveal retail customers. Where many only activate for incidents of violence and aggression, Footasylum use them as much for documentation of process and protocols, for example during site patrols, and the necessary searches when anyone is exiting the warehouses.

“To be honest, we weren’t actually trying to solve a problem; we were just moving with the times. We wanted to simply strengthen our security operation and improve our processes for evidence gathering when dealing with investigations. What attracted us most was not the camera itself, but the way that the footage is handled with a cloud-based hosting solution.

We work 24/7, so if an incident occurs at three o'clock in the morning, I don't have to drive to the site. They can dock their camera I can log on and I can see that footage wherever I am. That has been a real driver for us; the freedom to view and share footage in almost real time.”

“But it’s not just at the time: There was quite a severe incident internally, that ended up going to court and that spanned over about three years. The way DEMS 360 (the software) is set up allowed me to maintain that footage safely, ready for use as evidence in court.”

The cameras the company use are the Reveal D-Series.

“That's the only model we use. I adore it! You know, they need a good robust reliable camera, and I think it’s one of the better models out there. And the proof’s in the pudding: I believe the Yorkshire Police use them and they've used them for a long time, so that itself speaks volumes.”

As good as the technology is, it’s the relationship with the Reveal people that has kept the account so rewarding for Christian:

“After three years, Reveal still have our business’ best interests at heart. For example, we were on an annual product care plan to cover maintenance and repairs, but there were no faults, so we were effectively paying for peace of mind.

Reveal noticed that, brought it to our attention, and suggested an alternative way forward where we were still covered, but that’s given us a substantial long-term saving, and a financial loss to them.

They understood from the outset that we're not very tech savvy in our team. So, they come and work alongside us to make sure that our technology is set up as it should.

They audited data storage so worked with our infrastructure team to improve that for us before it ever became an issue we would notice, which is brilliant.

And it was Reveal that have pushed for quarterly review meetings. In this they measure whether our business and therefore our needs have changed.

It’s examples like that which have built our trust as we know they have our interests at the forefront.”

After three years, as you’d expect, the Reveal technology is embedded in the company’s security practices:

“I think the security team will be lost without it, because it's an extra layer of protection. There will always be instances where officers have been accused of targeting certain individuals - which is kind of a natural push-back particularly in security searches – but this technology allows them to prove that they are simply, and consistently, doing their job.

So what it’s done is eradicate that “he said/she said” mentality.

So, as well as protecting the officers, the cameras also protect the staff as well, as it allows us - without us actually being there - to have that subjectivity to decide, what has happened and whether it was the correct outcome.”