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South Yorkshire Police Deploy Reveal Cameras to Help Protect Officers From Rising Assaults

Police officers across South Yorkshire will be taking to the streets with Reveal body-worn cameras to protect staff from being assaulted.

It is really important to equip our officers with the latest technology to support them and to support victims of crime.Rob Odell, Chief Superintendent

The latest figures show 477 police officers were assaulted in the 12 months leading up to March 2018. Of those, 241 caused an injury.

The D-Series features an articulating camera head, allowing officers to get different angles without having to unclip the camera, and robust encryption means the footage is safe and secure from the moment it is recorded.

The cameras have also been introduced to support and protect victims of domestic abuse. The force says the cameras will help domestic abuse cases where victims may not want to press charges because the footage can be used as evidence.