D5 Body Camera Live Streaming

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Our D5 body camera has the ability to stream near real-time video from the camera to DEMS 360. The video is streamed from the body camera over a WIFI network or mobile hotspot to a dedicated streaming server. Camera streams can then be selected for viewing in DEMS 360

To give our customers choice and flexibility we are offering 3 deployment options regarding DEMS 360 and the streaming server.

Live Stream option 1

DEMS 360 Cloud + Reveal Cloud Streaming Server

Live Stream option 2

DEMS 360 Enterprise + Reveal Cloud Streaming Server

Live Stream option 3

DEMS 360 Enterprise + Own on Premises Streaming Server


Pricing is comprised of the following elements:

  • Annual Camera Streaming Subscription or Licenses
  • Bandwidth (incurred when a stream is viewed)
  • Annual Infrastructure Cost
  • One off Installation fee


Streaming is secured using SSL between the Camera and the Streaming and DEMS 360 Servers.

A separate server is required to run streaming and DEMS 360

Technical Information

  • Streaming Resolution: 480p
  • Video Bit Rate: 600kbps
  • Audio: 64kps

Recording and Streaming can be activated independently from each other.

Streaming Server Minimum Spec

  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • CPU: I5
  • Memory: 8G RAM
  • Hard Drive: 128GB
  • Network: 1Gb Ethernet port

Streaming is dependent on a mobile network or Wi-Fi signal tethered to the camera You may experience a delay of between 5 to 30 seconds All product, product specifications, and data are subject to change without notice to improve reliability, function, or design, or otherwise.