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Empowering Nurses with Body-Worn Cameras

Discover Body Cameras for Healthcare Explore the Calla Camera

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At Reveal, we are committed to facilitating advancements that prioritise the safety, integrity, and health and wellbeing of nursing staff. That's why our body-worn cameras are designed with healthcare settings in mind.

We understand that when you and your team are responding to emergency situations, you need tools that you can rely on to help keep everyone safe and respond efficiently. That’s why our Calla body camera features next-gen technology that enhances safety, promotes transparency, and improves accountability during critical operations.

Download our brochure to discover how our body camera solutions can help foster a safe and supportive working environment for your nursing staff.

When worn by clinical and security staff, body-worn cameras have shown to reduce the number of escalating incidents by deterring aggression and recording an independent account of what happened.

If you are considering body-worn cameras and would like to understand more about the various benefits, we have captured the top 10 to help you get started with a business case.

Read the article or download a copy to share with your colleagues.

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