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20230131 Z72 9342 rev

Webinar: How body-worn cameras are helping reclaim the game at Ontario Soccer

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The challenge of violence and aggression both on and off the pitch has long plagued the world of sports, leading to difficulties in recruiting and retaining our cherished sports officials. In this webinar, you will discover how body-worn cameras have provided a solution, and how his innovative technology can serve as a powerful tool for deterring, de-escalating, and documenting incidents of abuse directed at officials.

Currently, a trial is underway in Ontario with the aim of assessing whether body cameras can be a game-changer. This initiative goes beyond merely documenting evidence; it seeks to deter and de-escalate undesirable behaviors, fostering an environment that removes anger while preserving the passion for the sport.

Gain insights into the rationale behind Ontario Soccer's trial and explore the potential transformative impact of adopting this cutting-edge technology in sports. View a thoughtful discussion on how we can collectively enhance the sports experience and create a safer and more respectful environment for everyone involved.

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