Fault Report

To report a device fault for return to our depot, please ensure you complete all the fields below. Please Note: We are unable to receive products that have been contaminated with blood, body fluids or matter. All devices will be returned with the latest firmware installed and any data will be permanently deleted from the device. Please submit one Fault Report Form Per Camera A member of the Reveal Service team will contact you to discuss logistics and repair options.

Note: Please submit one Fault Report Form per Camera

Step 1 - Your Details

Collection Address

Step 2 - Product Details

Warranty End Date

Step 3 - Payment Terms

Reveal provides the following options for getting your device repaired and back to use:

After Payment is made, please return to this page and click submit to complete the Hardware Fault Report Form.

This single payment option covers collection, repair and return of your device in the UK Only. Logistics fees for collection and return of the device outside of the UK are to be borne by the Customer. If the device is found to be beyond economic repair an adjustment, as shown in the notes on the Reveal Service Plans, will be made.

Our Repair Credit Bundles allow you to purchase a number of repairs, in advance, via a single transaction. Repair Credit Bundles offer reduced administration and enhanced repair pricing. Additional information about the Repair Credit Bundles can be found on the Repair Service Plans page.

20 Repair Credits (£1,200 + VAT = £1,440)

40 Repair Credits (£2,300 + VAT = £2,760)

100 Repair Credits (£5,500 + VAT = £6,600)

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