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Referee Safety Cam

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Supporting Referees and Preventing Abuse

Post-pandemic studies have shown levels of abuse directed towards referees and officials across sports are at an all-time high. This is resulting in a sharp decline in qualified referees to officiate games, particularly at grassroot levels.

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Reveal Media's Referee Safety Cams are a huge step towards solving this problem.

The English Football Association (FA) have chosen Reveal Media as its technology partner in the world's first trial of its kind: Working with grassroots referees across England as they look to curb an influx of aggression and abuse towards officials.

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Watch The FA video on the first ever grassroots referee bodycam trial featuring the Reveal Referee Safety Cam

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How does it work?

Reveal's 3 Stage Conflict Management Approach

Stage 1 - Deter

By simply wearing the device, it acts as a deterrent for most bad behaviour. The mere threat of turning the camera on is usually enough to curb the escalation of an incident.

Stage 2 - De-escalate

If there is a time when a referee feels the need to turn the camera on, the front-facing screen allows the aggressor to see themselves acting out. This is usually enough to de-escalate what could have been physical violence to merely verbal, or strong verbal aggression to a milder form, and so on.

Stage 3 - Document

Finally, should the worst occur, the camera can capture and document all video and audio from the event and even up to 2 minutes prior with the pre-record functionality.

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Reveal Media have used their experience from other industries to create this simplified, rugged version of their camera, specifically made for sports.

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3 Reasons Sports Officials Are Choosing Reveal

Deter, De-escalate and Document violence and aggression

Reveal body cameras are designed to calm situations before they escalate. By displaying footage on the front-facing screen in real-time as it is being recorded, the behaviour of those on both sides of the lens is modified and transparency between referees, players and coaches is maximised. Just wearing the device will be enough to prevent some incidents from ever happening, once the screen is on and recording, the front-facing screen further deescalates the levels of aggression and should the worst happen, there will be visual and audio evidence of the event, including up to 2 minutes prior to the recording starting according to which model used.

Improve transparency and accountability

Body-worn cameras enable the capture of first-hand video recordings and the gathering of indisputable evidence for increased transparency, accountability, and accurate incident reporting.

Increase confidence on the pitch

Equipping referees with the body-worn cameras to deter verbal and physical abuse will not only improve their confidence in terms of feeling supported, but knowing action is being taken contributes to their overall health and wellbeing.

Referee Safety Cam

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