Webinar: How body cameras are preventing aggression against nursing staff

Where: On Demand

It’s an unfortunately sad situation that incidents of abuse, aggression, and even violence, are being frequently experienced by healthcare professionals.

Alongside other preventative and reactive solutions, technology is coming to the fore as a way of tackling this silent epidemic. In the UK, body-worn cameras are increasingly being adopted by healthcare organisations and with impressive results. In this on-demand webinar, recorded in November 2023, you will hear from Mark Britton, Senior Strategic Programme Manager at Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) NHS Trust. OUH is one of the largest healthcare providers in the UK, employing over 14,500 staff. Mark manages OUH’s body camera project which has been live since 2022. Mark is joined by Jack Ashton (VP Strategic Development) from Reveal. Jack has over a decades experience in working with healthcare, retail and law enforcement organisations in deploying successful body camera programmes.

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