Police Body Worn Cameras

We supply smart, efficient and secure police body cameras to police forces all around the world

Over the past decade, we have developed our law enforcement body camera solutions in close partnership with the police forces who use them. We invest time and effort into achieving an unparalleled understanding of how body worn video is used in the policing and law enforcement field. This understanding is built into our product design.

Thanks to the use of Reveal’s body cameras, police forces around the world are able to effectively and securely collect invaluable evidence - improving safety for frontline workers and assisting the legal system.

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Police Body Worn Cameras

Articulated camera head

Police body cameras

  • Capture the right images

Reveal’s RS2-X2 is a body camera police forces can rely on, offering the ultimate in practicality, durability and flexibility thanks to its innovative camera head design.

The RS2-X2 body camera features a fully articulated camera head which allows accurate positioning of the lens regardless of height, shape, size or uniform. This flexibility goes beyond what a wide camera angle camera can offer, allowing for a range of uses including professional in-vehicle, table top and handheld recorders in addition to its functionality as a body worn police camera.

Front-facing screen

Police body cameras

  • We focus strongly on deterrence of incidents

The RS-2X’s front facing screen is just one of the many features which make this police body camera ideal for law enforcement purposes.

Cameras with front-facing screens are proven deterrents of aggression. When citizens can see themselves on screen, there is an immediate impact and demonstration that their actions and conduct are being recorded.

Intuitive design

Police body cameras

  • Designed from your perspective

Every aspect of our body worn police cameras has been designed from the view point of the officer. To record, just pull the big red sliding switch down. It's easy to operate with gloves and with no need to see it.

The RS2-X2 features a mark as evidence button, which means no interaction is required back at the station to categorize material, police officers can do it all on patrol.

The 2.5″ screen allows high quality visual and audio playback without having to return to the station computer to view the material.

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DEMS - Digital Evidence Management

Police body cameras

  • Built from your point of view

Our Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) has been developed as the perfect partner to our police cameras, with every Reveal body worn camera coming with the software.

DEMS has been built to integrate with any UK Police Force’s digital infrastructure. It is powerful enough to securely store, manage and export any amount of digital evidence, large or small, whilst always remaining incredibly simple and easy to use.

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